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We did not know the region of Extremadura. And when we had the choice to cross it during our road trip in Spain, we did not hesitate!

Audrey and Steve from Les Manalas sitting in front of their camping-car in a beautiful field.
Les Manalas
Traveler-bloggers since 2017 aboard our old-school camper and accompanied by our two cats.

We went to Trastevere, one of Rome's favorite neighborhoods, but the charm didn't really work. We hated Trastevere because of the crowds.

Carole and Andy from Car and Bag standing in the middle of a road surrounded by beautiful autumn trees.
Car and Bag
Traveling couple from Lyon since 2018. Lovers of the world and eager to discover.

I had never thought about Central Asia and visiting Uzbekistan was a very nice discovery. After 48 hours on the spot, we discovered an ethnic mix between Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

Jenny from JDroadtrip in Lapland.
Solo traveler since 2009
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