Benjamin and Savinien cycle on the road near the beach.

The "geek" is Savinien! He works in the digital world: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are his best friends. He is always hooked on his iPhone, drone, or GoPro to share the best views. Savinien is, first and foremost, a "geek" who likes to share and make his knowledge accessible via his blog (more commonly known as "Web After-Sales Service" 😉 ). The "Tourist" is Benjamin! He is a former Travel Agent who used to send people on holiday worldwide. Geography was his favorite subject at school; he knows all the best ways to pay less for his train or plane ticket and is an ace at finding hotels. Benjamin is, above all, a "creative" person who likes to share his creations and discoveries on his blog, (also called "Touben's Creations").

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