A sunset landscape with small boats on a river.

Fed up with chocolatine, daughter of two backpackers, and with a mother working in a Tourist Office south of Toulouse, tourism has always run in my veins, as has a passion for my region Occitanie. ❤ With my original pen and my enthusiasm, I produce reports (articles, photos, social networks) for tourism professionals in the southwest to make their territories shine. I carry my beret and Boudu Mobile regularly in several departments, especially in unknown corners but full of wonders! I want to humanize the destinations by helping you discover the wonderful and often anonymous people who feed the soul of the South West. In the same way, I immerse you in our culture and traditions: Papogay, Banda's festival, and Occitan references in our French language will have no more secrets for you! To go beyond digital, I also offer tourist outings and photo courses to groups of tourists wishing to discover beautiful places off the beaten track in the Toulouse region (departments 31, 65, 32, 09) as well as to professionals who bring local tourism to life through the fun medium of photography. Adishatz! PS: I've lived in Carbonne, Toulouse, Cahors (but it was a year of almost monastic preparation for the competition), and now in Tarbes at the foot of the Pyrenees!

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